IRWA Chapter 54

Sea to Sky

December 21, 2016 - President's Message

As the year 2016 comes to an end your Executive is looking forward and planning for 2017.

As stated in my last write up, The following are a few of my wishes for the future:
  • See the Chapter to continue to grow our membership and to obtain some of these new members from untapped areas. As an example, most Cities and Regional Districts have a Properties/Real Estate department, yet there is only a small representation from this sector in the membership
  • Encourage all of our members to further their education and obtain the SR/WA designation
  • Invite the next generation getting into this business - be it in the development field or appraisal, acquisition or management of rights of way – to see what the IRWA has to offer and become active members of this truly worldwide organization!
  • Involve our members outside of the Metro area
To this end, the Executive is working on a “Come Join the IRWA” package and will be first concentrating on the northern part of the BC and the Yukon. Next we will set our sights on the Interior of the province and then finally return our efforts to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. We hope to pursue this agenda early in the new year. Spread the word!!

I am happy to report that we have 12 new Generalist SR/WA Candidates for a total of 15 current candidates in Chapter 54 working towards their SR/WA Designation! In addition there is one new RW-AC Candidate and one member applying for RWA Completion. Congratulations everyone on your efforts!!

In an attempt to become more inclusive for all our members, we have a whole slew of courses planned for 2017 and plan to host a number of them in the north (location tbd) and a few in the interior (Kelowna or Vernon). The goal this year is to simply make education for our members more accessible. Your Education Chair (Rasadi Cortes) will be working with each of the Course Coordinators to ensure that venues are secured, instructors are hired and the necessary paperwork is filed with HQ. The list of planned courses should be available early in the new year.

On the communication front, Megan has created a new Facebook page. An additional link has been put in the Resources section.

And lastly, we’ve had successful Lunch & Learns in 2016 and I thank each of you for attending and the speakers for their time and presentations. It’s always great to see everyone and hear what’s happening around the industry. If you have ideas for future presentations send them my way (and yes, this includes members outside of the Lower Mainland)!!

If any of you have thoughts or ideas you’d like to express or have us explore, please contact one of your Executive team.
  • Kim (President & PDC Chair)
  • Rasa (VP & Education Chair)
  • Kelly (Membership Chair)
  • Megan (Communication Chair)
  • Kris (Secretary)
  • Sara (Treasurer)
I think that’s it for now. Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Kim Proudlove