IRWA Chapter 54

Sea to Sky

July 8, 2016 - President's Message


In my first correspondence with all of you I want to extend my thanks to the outgoing Executive for their many years of service to this Chapter. Gary Holisko, Shannon Favaro and Larry Dybvig did (and continue to do in their own endeavors!) an excellent job and set a great example (and left big shoes to fill) for us going forward!

(You can read Gary's parting letter here)

Although becoming President came about rather abruptly, I hope to live up to the challenge. I look forward to any and all ideas you the members have for this Chapter. Let us, your current Executive team know your vision for moving this Chapter into the future. We really do want to hear from you!

The following are a few of my wishes for the future:
  • I’d like the Chapter to continue to grow our membership and to obtain some of these new members from untapped areas. As an example, most Cities and Regional Districts have a Properties/Real Estate department, yet there is only a small representation from this sector in the membership
  • I encourage all of our members to further their education and obtain the SR/WA designation
    The Chapter will be hosting a slew of courses this fall. Information and registration forms are available on our education page
  • I invite the next generation getting into this business - be it in the development field or appraisal, acquisition or management of rights of way – to see what the IRWA has to offer and become active members of this truly worldwide organization!
  • Finally, I’d like to encourage our members outside of the Metro area to become and feel more actively involved ~ I’d love to chat with you and exchange ideas
I look forward to connecting with you all at our regular “Lunch and Learns”. We’ve just confirmed our annual Christmas Lunch will once again be at the River Rock Casino on December 7th. Hope you join us!

Kim Proudlove